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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. JOSHUA CARDINE, a/k/a/ “Josh”, and, KENNETH BERLIN, a/k/a “Keg”, Defendants.

Being new to horses, I didn’t feel comfortable with the horse world's sales methods; I was told, “It’s always done this way.” When my daughter’s pony was sold, not only did the horse trainers not tell me, they a...
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Archie Cox Challenges USEF’s GABA Science in Court

Archie Cox Challenges USEF’s GABA Science in Court

California hunter/jumper trainer Archibald (Archie) Cox, III, of Brookway Stables, and horse owner Meredith Mateo are challenging USEF's GABA science in a New York court....
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Humble's Devon Horse Show Death

Elizabeth Mandarino Suspended by USEF

Horse trainer Elizabeth Mandarino has been temporarily suspended by the United States Equestrian Federation after the death of her pony, Humble, at the Devon Horse Show....
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The Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act (TSOAPA) requires national governing bodies (NGB) to provide athletes with due process prior to sanctions for misconduct.

USEF Hearing Committee Suspends Glefke, Farmer for GABA

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announces the suspension of Larry Glefke and Kelley Farmer for a GABA violation....
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Horse trainer Cody Williams sued the USEF after he was suspended for alleged horse abuse. Read the court documents and learn more about this case at Rate My Horse PRO's Equine Court....
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Evan Coluccio Suspension USEF Horse Green Status

Evan Coluccio Gets USEF Suspension for Changing Horse's Identity

Virginia hunter/jumper professional Evan Coluccio must bid the rated horse show life adieu for six months. The U.S. Equestrian Federation states it suspended the EMC International Stables owner for the misrepresentati...
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