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USEF's 12 Hour Rule Takes Effect December 1

USEF's 12 Hour Rule Takes Effect December 1

A new rule taking effect next month means no horse or pony competing at United States Equestrian Federation shows can be injected 12-hours prior to stepping foot into the ring....
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Humble's Devon Horse Show Death

Elizabeth Mandarino Suspended by USEF

Horse trainer Elizabeth Mandarino has been temporarily suspended by the United States Equestrian Federation after the death of her pony, Humble, at the Devon Horse Show....
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CBD Positives in Horses Will Result in Drug Penalties: USEF

Hay! CBD Not for Horses, USEF Warns

US Equestrian warns horse owners that CBD positives will result in equine drug violations this fall. ...
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USEF Maintains Mandarino’s Suspension

USEF Looks for Change

Federation representatives joined industry owners, trainers, and veterinarians to discuss issues contributing to the recent public scrutiny relating to medication and treatment of performance horses. Articles from the New ...
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USEF Bans Substance in Carolina Gold

GABA and "Carolina Gold" Positive Blood Tests at USEF Competitions

Currently, GABA positives have been detected and are pending enforcement through the USEF's Regulations Department for adjudication by the USEF Hearing Committee. Trainers and veterinarians involved in the sale or u...
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