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Olivia Kasper and bad horse deals pony - she shares how to protect yourself

Horse Buying Common Cents or Dirty Secrets?

What to look for when horse buying? Buying a new horse is an exciting time for any rider. However, the more time I spend in the equine industry, as an adult, the more I understand that buying a horse is harder than it se...
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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. JOSHUA CARDINE, a/k/a/ “Josh”, and, KENNETH BERLIN, a/k/a “Keg”, Defendants.

Being new to horses, I didn’t feel comfortable with the horse world's sales methods; I was told, “It’s always done this way.” When my daughter’s pony was sold, not only did the horse trainers not tell me, they a...
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A New Jersey plaintiff is suing Caroline V. Roffman and Lionshare Dressage, LLC in Florida alleging fraud for more than $500,000. Roffman allegedly sold Alice Tarjan's dressage horse Fabrege for $900,000 despite a c...
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Equip Yourself for Horse Buying Success

Equip Yourself for Horse Buying Success

Equine legal answers to equip yourself for horse buying success. Some in the equine industry may mask the truth of a horse’s past lameness with half-truths. Consequently, your trusted horse sales agent may be focused on ...
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