Credit Card's Killer Sentenced

Credit Card’s Killer Sentenced


Justice is served in the brutal 2011 slaying of the roping horse, Credit Card. His killer, William “Billy” Hamilton, Jr., was sentenced to 20-years in the lock up after he pleaded guilty to his crimes in Oklahoma.

He entered the guilty plea to 4 felonies including cruelty to animals, knowingly concealing stolen property, transporting stolen propertyWilliam 'Billy' Hamilton into the state, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Hamilton conspired and stole five horses, tack, and a horse trailer from Southern Arkansas University rodeo students in November 2011. Four of the horses were found in Oklahoma two weeks later in a ghastly state. They were tied to trees without food or water.

The fifth horse, Credit Card, was found at the end of the month. He had been shot, his throat slit, and he was dismembered.

Hamilton’s Oklahoma sentence will run concurrently with a 30-year sentence he received in Arkansas last month. On Wednesday, he was transported back to Arkansas, where he will serve his time.

McCurtain County District Attorney Mark Matloff is scheduled to bring his case against remaining co-defendants, Wendie Cox, and her daughter Jaci Rae Jackson this summer. He has said there will be “no deals.”

In April, an Arkansas jury found Cox guilty for her role in the SAU horse theft case. She was sentenced to 60-years behind bars.

Jackson pleaded guilty to 6 counts of conspiracy to commit theft of property. She has not been sentenced.